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By William Shakespeare
Translated by Sean San José

February 17-20 2022, Patrons Theatre, UNC School of the Arts

The production was presented in collaboration with "Play on Shakespeare", a non-profit company creating and promoting contemporary, modern translations of Shakespeare's plays. Coriolanus tells the story of Roman general Caius Marcius who makes his name defeating an enemy army and defending Rome. The Senate nominates him as consul but he cannot win the people's vote, so he is banished from Rome and allies with his old enemy. He comes to attack Rome, his mother persuades him not to, and his new-found ally kills him for the betrayal.

Creative Team

Director: Raelle Myrick Hodges

Scenic Designer: Johanna Fleischer

Lighting Designer: Lauren Lee

Sound Designer: Lance Perl

Co-Costume Designer: Autumn Galka

Wig and Makeup Designer: Ryn Maiorana

Props Director: Allison Sorkin

Costume Design Assistant: Jemima Firestone Greville

Costume Shop Manager: Marie Lupia

Drapers: Clark Yang, Molly Klemm, Hannah Andrews, Quincy D'Alessio Alex Brown, Lillian Murphy

Crafts: Lily Mateus


Maddy Brown- Cominus, Officer 1, Page, Nicanor, Servingman 1

Reagan Carraway- Volumnia, Citizen 1, 2nd Lord

Olivia Daponde- Aufidius, Coriolanus, Citizen 6, Messenger 2

Lukey Klein- Coriolanus, All, Senator 2, Citizen 4, 5, 7, Messenger

Julissa Lopez- Virgilia, Officer 2, Senator 1, Citizen, Citizen 2

Kobe McKelvey- Valeria, Brutus, Soldier 2, Watchman

Yasmin Pascall- Lartius, Citizen 2, 1st Lord, Page, Watchman 2, Young Martius, Citizen 3

Devlin Stark- Martius, Coriolanus, Servingman 2

Mimi Viglietti- Sicinius, Gentlewoman, Soldier 1, Servingman 3

Michael Washington- Citizen 3, Menenius, Adrian, Herald


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