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The Wilting Point

By Graziella Jackson

April 15- 30, 2023

The Keegan Theatre

World Premiere


Audiences travel with Mina Melo, the producer of the award-winning podcast Clime, back to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Southern Colorado, where she is reluctantly adapting Clime as a series for a new streaming entertainment company. The series producer wants Mina to pick up with an unsolved murder investigation, but Mina is determined to tell a story about how climate-related water shortages and drought are threatening the community’s way of life.

Creative Team

Director: Danielle Drakes

Stage Manager: Paige Washington

Scenic Designer: Matthew J. Keenan

Props/Set Dressings: Cindy Landrum Jacobs

Lighting Designer: Alberto Segarra

Projections Designer: Zavier Augustus Lee Taylor

Sound Designer: Thom Woodward


Mina Melo: Beverlix Jean-Baptiste

River Pike: Sophia Colón Roosevelt

Tuca Otero Veracruz: Sally Ann Flores

Takudo Otero Pike: Gabriel Alejandro

Finley Grey: Judy Lewis

Maximillian Wasser: Silas Gordon Brigham



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