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Heathers: The Musical

By Laurence O'Keefe and Kevin Murphy

November 11-13 & 18-20, 2021

Freedman Theatre, UNC School of the Arts

Heathers: The Musical is a dark comedy set in a 1980s fictional Westerberg High, a school ruled by a shoulder-padded, scrunchie-wearing junta: Heather, Heather and Heather, the hottest and cruelest girls in all of Ohio. Veronica Sawyer, the newest addition to the group, rejects their evil regime for a new boyfriend, the mysterious rebel J.D., who plans to put the Heathers in their place: six feet under.

Design consisted of approximately 90+ different 80's inspired looks, including a pull-away costume for Heather Duke in "Never Shut Up Again" and live gunshot SFX for Kurt, Ram, and J.D.'s death scenes. 

Creative Team

Directed by: Scott Zigler, Krisha Marcano, and Kelly Martin Mann

Music Director: Jeffrey Saver

Scene Design by: Houston Odum

Lighting Design by: Amanda Fisk

Sound Design by: Nora Cuthbertson

WAM Design by: Davis Campbell

Props Director: Natalie Carney

Costume Design Assistants: Maki Niikura and Sarah McElcheran

Costume Shop Manager: Jennifer Smith

Drapers: Maggie Tennant, Lily Mateus, Molly Klemm, Hannah Andrews, and Lillian Murphy

Crafts: Marie Lupia and Cassandra Sisson


Maddy Brown- Veronica

Jacob Moskovitz- J.D.

Reagan Carraway- Heather Chandler

Devlin Stark- Heather McNamara

Brooke Stephenson- Heather Duke

Logan Gould- Ram Sweeney

Matias De La Flor- Kurt Kelley

Venus Fischer- Martha Dunnstock

Owen Harrison- Ram's Dad, Big Bud Dean, and Coach Ripper

Santiago Sepulveda- Kurt's Dad, Veronica's Dad, and Principal Gowan

Natasha Dvorak- Ms. Fleming and Veronica's Mom

Diego Vazquez Gomez Bertelli- Beleagured Geek

Hunter McCoy- Preppy Stud

Kobe McKelvey- Hipster Dork

Rachel Marie- New Wave Girl

Maya Mays- Stoner Chick

Juliet Perel- Young Republicanette



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