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Down in the Face of God

By Tim J. Lord

Filmed: November 14-16 2020    Streamed: March 26-28 2021

Reynolds Place Theatre, UNC School of the Arts 

Produced as a part of "Contemporary Voices: A Virtual Theater Festival", Down in the face of God takes the audience to a dystopian version of the real-life city of Thebes. By combining the stories of Sophocles' Antigone and Euripides' The Bacchae, this piece calls into question identity, religion, and familial obligation while exploring themes of isolation. The performance was filmed live in Reynolds Place Theatre during the fall semester and livestreamed virtually in the spring semester. 

Creative Team

Directed by: Cameron Knight

Scene Design by: Houston Odum

Lighting Design by: Amanda Fisk

Sound Design by: Dian Yu

WAM Design by: Nathaniel Jones

Props Director: Jack Covitz

Costume Design Assistant: Damarius Kennedy

Costume Shop Manager: Rebecca Eckes

Drapers: Maggie Tennant, Jocelyn Dubose, Jenna Anderson, Karen Milla

Crafts: Willow Kearns


Yasmin Pacall- Ora

Maleek Slade- Pen

Jane Cooper- Anna

N'yomi Stewart- D

Nicole Solazzo- May

Madison Kiernan- Ino

Amar Bains- Ham

Devlin Stark- Gavi



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