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An Afternoon at the Radio Opera

"Captain Lovelock" Music and Libretto by John Duke

"Monsieur and Madame Denis" Music by Jaques Offenbach
Libretto by Paul-Aime and Michel Delaporte
Translation by Steven LaCosse

March 28, 2021

Livestream from Hanesbrand Theatre, UNC School of the Arts

An Afternoon at the Radio Opera was a livestreamed performance by members of the UNCSA Undergraduate Opera Workshop of two one-act operas in the style of a 1940s Radio Show. The two operettas were "Captain Lovelock" followed by "Monsieur and Madame Denis".

John Duke’s “Captain Lovelock” is a tale of a wealthy, elderly widow who wishes to marry a young army officer. Her daughters conspire with a marriage broker to show the old woman the folly of her plan. 

Offenbach’s “Monsieur and Madame Denis” tells the story about a niece who is kidnapped from boarding school by her fiancé, a spicy maid who saves the day, and a puffed up sergeant in pursuit of the abducted niece.

A recording of the performance can be found by clicking this link.

Creative Team

Director: Steven LaCosse

Lighting Designer: Amanda Fisk

Sound Designer: Dian Yu

Foley Artist: Jesse Wilen

Hair Styling by: Martha Ruskai

Costume Design Assistant: Whitney Fabre

Costume Shop Manager: Rebecca Eckes

Drapers: Nicole Angell and Lillian Murphy

Crafts: Willow Kearns and Jennifer Smith


"Captain Lovelock"

Pate Young- Terentia

Katherine Ledbetter- Pernille, Captain Lovelock

Chelsea Smith- Leonora

Angelina Bassi- Laurentia

Spencer DesChenes- Madame Kirsten

"Monsieur and Madame Denis"

Morgan-Elise Brady- Nanette

Grace Pfleger- Gaston d'Amboise

Grace Manning- Lucile du Coudrai

Carson Weddle- Bellerose

Elleyna Alderman- Brindemore

Gabrielle Meinke- Jolicoeur



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